Reader Jessica H. has done a lot of dollar store decor in her home, and I have shared some of her ideas with you already, but here’s another good one inspired by the fork wall hook project from July. Jessica’s bent fork curtain tiebacks make even more sense to me than hooks, though, for a few reasons. One, you can’t tell they’re forks, which is cool! Two, you can find forks that coordinate with your decor, like Jessica does here with the green-handled fork. Three, good curtain tiebacks are super-useful, and these do a great job. Thanks for sharing your good ideas with us, Jessica! [click here to see Jessica’s dollar store crafting photo album]

Jessica says:
I got these forks at Target for $0.98 each. I just bent them back with my hands (MUSCLES!), and nailed them to the wall in between the tines of the fork. Cost: $0.98 per window

Project Estimate:

  • Forks, $1 each

Total: $2 for a two-curtain window