Here’s Star Wars craft number three! I made a reusable grocery tote in the style of a Morsbag, with a little Jedi twist. I used Jedi robe colors to make the bag, and added a Yoda head applique cut from a scrap of a fleece dollar store blanket. [click here for Morsbag pattern and instructions as well as to learn MORE about this awesome reusable grocery bagging movement: did you know over ONE MILLION plastic bags are consumed per minute globally?]

This is a very simple sewing project that makes a sturdy bag suitable for carrying groceries, books, crafting supplies, or any odds and ends you desire! Adding the applique is a simple matter of cutting a piece out of felt, pinning it to a piece of fabric, and sewing around the edges. Since the applique is fleece, no finishing of the edges is required.

Project Estimate:

  • Scrap from a fleece blanket, on hand or $1
  • Scrap fabric, about half a yard, on hand
  • Buttons, on hand

Total: FREE and up

This is probably my favorite of all the Star Wars crafts I made. I just love the whole effect of the bag. It’s totally simple, but it just works for me.


And while we’re talking about totes, I’ll just show you this other tote I made because I don’t want to devote a separate post to it. I used part of the vintage Star Wars sheet I found to make a reversible tote.


The tote reverses to plain blue, but who’d want to use that side, seriously? I decided to make it reversible to reinforce it since the sheet is old and well-worn.