Reader Angela from Treasures for Tots sent in this adorable idea for crocheting beaded bracelets using hair elastics for the bracelet base – brilliant! I love it when great projects are based on a simple idea like this. Not only are the instructions for this cute bracelet available at her blog, but Angela also includes instructions for five more crocheted bracelets based on the same clever trick. Love it! (You should also check out her adorable daughter’s brilliant Halloween towel dress.) [click here for bracelet goodness and full instructions]

These would make fabulous birthday party favors, or if you got really ambitious and made a bunch of them, you could give them away to trick-or-treaters!

Project Estimate:

  • Hair elastics, $1
  • Pony beads, $1
  • Small crochet hook, on hand
  • Cotton crochet thread, on hand or about $2

Total: $2 and up