Reader Mama Jenn has a great blog full of frugal ideas for homeschooling and kid-friendly activities. She sent me this awesome idea, and as I was looking at it, my three year-old son said, “Hey mom, what’s that?” When I explained the concept of a geoboard to him, he said “Oh mom, we should GET one of those!” I guess we know what’s on this week’s crafting agenda at the casa de Dollar Store Crafts!

Before I saw Jenn’s post, I had never heard of a geoboard, but it’s a cool open-ended toy/learning device. Basically it’s a grid of pegs on a board that your child can use to create shapes with soft elastics. Fun and learning, always a good combination! [click here for full project instructions]

Project Estimate:

  • Wooden board, $1 and up
  • Soft hair elastics, $1
  • Push pins, $1
  • Paint, optional
  • Graph paper, on hand
  • Hammer, on hand

Total: $3 and up