DOLLAR doll clothes
One of my favorite things to do at the dollar store is to look at items as raw materials to be used for making completely different items.  Being the sewist I am, I look at items for their fabric potential.

For ages I have been tempted to take that step into the one aisle everyone seems to be afraid of:  The Underwear Aisle! A few weeks ago my mom and I dared enter that very aisle (safety in numbers!), and came up with a most wonderful project — Dollar Doll Clothes!  My mom drafted some super cute patterns and posted them on her blog along with all the instructions and details you’ll need to make clothes for your 18″ doll.  [get patterns and instructions]

Project Estimate:

  • women’s undies, $1
  • matching thread, on hand
  • scraps of lace or trim, on hand
  • velcro, on hand

Total: $1

Caroline Sanchez (Care) has been sewing since her mom taught her the basics at around six years old.  She has always been driven to CREATE, even from a very young age.  She is mommy to two little boys and one baby girl, and almost every spare moment she has is spent in her sewing room or working on her blog, Obsessively Stitching.