Hello, Dot here from Dabbled.org!  I’ve been a huge fan of Dollar Store Crafts for ages, and last week Heather was kind enough to do a nifty halloween Dollar Store tutorial on Dabbled — a spooky Halloween Tree.  So today I’m guest posting over here to return the favor!  Hope you enjoy it…

Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!… or How To Make Creepy Halloween Birds

Part of the Dollar Store Haul

Part of the Dollar Store Haul

For those who don’t know me, I LOVE Halloween.  In fact, that’s all you’ll see on Dabbled this month–Halloween projects galore.  I’m also notoriously cheap, so Dollar Store Crafts is a favorite stop on my blog lists.  Inspired by doing a guest post over here, I trekked to the Dollar Tree.  There I found so many goodies, that I couldn’t decide what to make first!  I decided on these birds, but don’t worry, I may have to come back later to share some of the other projects.  This is a really easy project, so you probably don’t need a tutorial, but here it is!

Materials and Instructions after the Pic!


Project Materials:

  • Fake birds (2 for $1)
  • Black Spray paint (on hand)
  • Red & white acrylic paint (on hand)

Total: $.50 a bird


1. Obtain Birds – these were in the crafting section of my local Dollar Tree, but I’m sure you can find cheap elsewhere

2, 3, 4. Paint birds black with black spray paint.  My 4 year old “helped” with this part, so I can honestly say it doesn’t matter if you over do the paint!  But do make sure you lift wings and thoroughly paint under them.   Mine came with wire sticks which helped to stand them up for the painting.

5.  Paint the eyes, and add highlights. First you’ll want to “primer” paint the eyes white, and let them dry.  Then carefully paint over in bright red.  I also drybrushed a touch of red along the wingtips as well for some subtle highlights.

6. Enjoy! You can display these, or even wear them as part of a Tippi Hedren halloween costume!

Thanks to Heather for letting me visit with you guys today!