Flickr user and DSC reader icepinkstars posted this great Halloween frame revamp in the Dollar Store Crafts pool, along with all the steps to make it, and agreed to share the tutorial here at DSC! You can use any Halloween embellishments for this project. Of course, you can also adapt the project for any holiday or event, too! Thanks for sharing, Allie!

Project Estimate:

  • Frame, $1
  • Halloween ribbon, $1
  • Skeleton hand (10 for $1), $.10
  • Hot glue, on hand

Total: $2.10

To Make:

Measure ribbon and cut to fit around frame sides.

Cut all ribbon pieces the correct length, and then glue.

Glue skeleton hand to frame! Paint nails, if desired.

Readers, feel free to add your photos to our Dollar Store Crafts pool!