My sister-in-law Melia is super creative, and has had quite a few great dollar store crafting ideas herself. I LOVE this one: use those dollar store build-a-bear costume kits to decorate jack-o’-lanterns! Great simple idea for some super cute eye-catching pumpkins. This is an especially great activity to do with younger kids who aren’t really old enough to carve pumpkins yet, plus it seems like a fun activity to let them go to the dollar store and pick out a costume… for a pumpkin. My dollar store has a huge selection of bear dress-up costumes, year ’round.

I love my niece’s drawings on this pumpkin!

Project Estimate:

  • Pumpkin, $1 and up
  • Build-a-bear costume, $1
  • Markers, on hand

Total: $2

You have the right to remain spooky!

(edited to add) Here are some tips from Melia:

  • Small to medium sized pumpkins work best for this project.
  • Rinse off and dry pumpkins before decorating.
  • Use a fix-all type of heavy duty craft glue to attach costumes. I have tried hot glue in the past- but sadly enough, it doesn’t stick to pumpkins! (You could use staples or floral wire, but the pumpkins will begin rotting once you puncture the skin- so they won’t last as long)
  • Use permanent markers
  • The hair is sold separately, they are actually scrunchies that we found in the christmas section. (2 for $1)
  • Be sure to have your scissors and/or seam ripper on hand, as you will want to modify some of the clothing to fit your pumpkin and make gluing easier.

In other family news, I am having a baby today! I’ll let you know more about it in a few days. In the meantime, enjoy the posts I have lined up for you!