Quick & Easy Hand Sanitizer Teacher Gift by Moneywise Moms: $1

Dress up a bottle of hand sanitizer as a cute back-to-school gift for your child’s teacher (or other deserving giftee). Just add cute scrapbooking paper and ribbon. This is a good one to involve the kiddos in, too.


Embroidered Eyeglass Case by Lara from Frugal Foodie: $.25

Lara designed this eyeglass case with a very inexpensive craft staple: craft foam! With the addition of embroidery, craft foam has never looked so classy! Bonus: project is child-friendly!


Cafe Blackboard by Lorchick at On the Laundry Line: $1

Lorchick had two cafe-style coffee signs she got at the dollar store, and she taped off one of them and gave it a coat of chalkboard paint for a “Special of the Day” sign to use in her kitchen. Cute!


Toddler Sweater Dress by Get Your Craft On: $1

I can’t believe it, Lynnette’s Dollar Tree had sweaters (?!?) for a buck, and she snagged this cute one and altered it into an adorable dress for her toddler. Great idea! You can use this one for sweaters you don’t want to use for yet another season, too, taking the cost for the project down to FREE.