Halloween Terrarium by Jennifer at Knitaway: $3

This is only one of a ton of projects Jennifer recently did on an all-crafting weekend with her daughters. Check out all the fun she had with googly eyes!


Fall Leaf Message Garland by Jamie at Pure Joy: $1

Jamie took some dollar store leaves, spelled out her message of choice with a letter on each leaf, and hung them with hemp twine. Love this idea, and it can be personalized any way you want!


Drippy Halloween Candles by A Little Tipsy: $2

Michelle at A Little Tipsy has a whole post full of good and inexpensive fall decoration ideas, but this is one that stuck out to me: drippy Halloween candles. These would also be super spooky with white candles and red (blood!) drips.

Oh, and guess what? Another reader submitted just such a candle!

blood candle 09

Drippy Blood Candles by Amber at The Brush Barn: $2 (or $3 with base)

Amber says: I bought a candle base at the thrift store for one dollar. I bought the big white candle and a solid red candle at the dollar store for a dollar each. I lit the red candle and held it over the white candle to let the red drip down the sides of the candle. It turned out really cool and creepy looking. (3 dollars total!) I also did tall skinny candles for my candelabra. So neat for Halloween.


Fabric Wreath by Bethany at The Paper Pony: $1 and up

Use leftover fabric cut into strips and a foam wreath form to make a festive wreath. You can use this idea for any holiday, or in any color scheme to match your decor.

Halloween Holiday Wreath

Spooky Tray Wreath by Jeff Hull: $2

Download the PDF instructions here for making a spooky tray wreath, designed by Jeff Hull: