Katie from Matsutake has some of the most adorable ideas I’ve ever seen, including these cuties, which are dolls based on characters from the book Where the Wild Things Are. And, they’re cleverly made of toilet paper and paper towel tubes! She also made a bunch of super cute Halloweeny dolls, too. You have to check it out! [click here for tutorial] [via]

You can customize these TP tube dolls in any way you like. It would be fun to make a nativity set, your family, or other favorite characters from books, movies, etc. (Ooh, maybe I can make my Alexander Girard-inspired dolls out of TP tubes!) Of course, it goes without saying that this is a great activity for the kiddos!

Project Estimate:

  • Toilet paper tubes, on hand
  • Acrylic paint, on hand

Total: FREE

p.s. Just for fun, here are some other great Where the Wild Things Are crafts, treats, and activities via the Crafty Crow:

My favorites:


p.p.s. I don’t usually do this, but because I’ve seen some cool WTWTA stuff lately, here are some cute Where the Wild Things Are things for sale at Etsy: