Reader Jessica recently started a blog to show off all her great ideas, and I am loving them! Definitely subscribe to her blog “mad in crafts” if you like dollar store crafting goodness! Rumor has it she’ll be contributing some special projects here at Dollar Store Crafts soon… I can’t wait to see what she comes up with! She recently posted about her “Dollar Barn Christmas” projects… all inspired by the swanky stuff at Pottery Barn. Here are her dollar store remakes of some PB frames. The first photo is the PB inspiration photo (grosgrain ribbon photo frames), and the second photo is what Jessica was able to accomplish for a dollar and cents per frame! (The only thing that’s missing, Jessica, is the “Skiing in Aspen” phrase at the top of each frame, aha-ha-ha!) Check the second photo for her two dollar solution to PB’s $20 jingle bell decorations. [check out Jessica’s Pottery Barn Christmas crafts]

Project Estimate:

  • Silver-toned frame, $1
  • Red ribbon, $1

Total: $2