What do you think about Social Media (by which I mean social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter)? Do you use them? Have you jumped in with both feet? Do you spend too many hours a day on them? Are you afraid to dip your toe in? Do you have absolutely no use for them?

I use both Facebook and Twitter, but for different reasons. I keep Facebook mostly personal, to keep track of friends and family I know in real life (or have a pretty comfortable online friendship with). I use Twitter as an outlet for my more online crafty pursuits, sharing good craft links, links to my current online crafting offerings, connecting with online crafty acquaintences, and sharing and some personal (but not too personal) insights about my life. Follow me on Twitter — be sure to send me a note to introduce yourself!

I signed up for Twitter a couple years ago, but started using it regularly last year after Sister Diane from CraftyPod wrote about how much she enjoyed it. I now use it as a part of my everyday online crafty life.

Well, Sister Diane recently wrote an eBook called “Social Media for your Crafty Business,” about, you guessed it, using social media sites as a tool for your crafty business.

If you are looking for a hardcore online marketing bible about giving people the hard online sell, this is not the book for you. But if you’re looking for an honest and down-to-earth guide to what really works in your online social community, Sister Diane’s book is a great resource.

This book isn’t shy in telling you that old-school, traditional “broadast marketing” (think traditional one-way advertising where the marketer sends out a message to everyone and there is no back-and-forth between sender and receivers) probably isn’t the most effective way for you to use your social networking time and presence. The book will tell you how to build trust and relationships with people in your social network, and why that is the best way for you to use social networks to their best advantage in your crafty business.

Who is the book for? Those who are already involved in social networks (specifically Twitter and Facebook), or wish to be, and who have a crafty business or blog, etc. that they’d like to tie into their presence on social networks.

What will you learn from the book? General info about social networking, friends and followers, and how to provide value in the social networking space. Also, tips for using social media to its fullest, and managing your time on social networks.

What I like about it: This book has a lot of information, and a lot of good principles to think about. It will help you determine why you are involved in social networks, what you hope to accomplish on social networks, and help you make a plan for using them. Sister Diane writes in an engaging voice, is easy to read, like a friendly note from someone who really wants to help you.

Where to get it: It’s available at the CraftyPod Shop for $12.50

FTC Disclosure: Thanks to Sister Diane for providing a free review copy of her eBook for this article.