Thanks to Disney from Ruffles & Stuff! If you aren’t familiar with her awesome blog, you need to click over and check it out! She’s super-creative and has an eye for making such pretty things. Her blog is definitely a must-visit, especially if you want to make beautiful, romantic things on a budget. Thanks, Disney, for creating this special project for Dollar Store Crafts! – Heather

Hello everyone!

I’m so excited that Heather invited me to do a guest post here at Dollar Store Crafts! I love to come here and get inexpensive craft ideas.

Today I’m going to share with you this super-easy umbrella refashion that I did with a dollar store shower curtain liner!


  • boring old umbrella (on hand)
  • Dollar Store shower curtain liner (mine had several different shades to choose from!), $1
  • An old button

Cost Estimate: $1

1) First you want to measure all the way around the bottom of your umbrella, and double it for how much curtain liner you will need (plus extra for a flower, and top ruffles). For example, my umbrella was 120″ around, and I cut four 2″ sections that were the full length of the curtain, for a total of about 280 inches. No need to add seam allowance because it doesn’t unravel! Yay!
2) Then sew a straight stitch (on your machine’s longest stitch length) down the middle of all the strips, and pull the bottom thread to gently gather.
3) Hand stitch them onto your umbrella, wherever you like! So easy!!

I think on my next umbrella I’m going to do a monogram.