I know you’re knee-deep in breakneck crafting (or planning, or shopping) at this point in the month, but here’s a quick little project just for a bit of fun. These will only take you about 10 seconds to make, and about ten minutes to wrap; they’re fun for kids and adults alike. They were so addictive, I made about ten or so in an evening. I wrapped them with plaid scarves, but you can use anything to cover these ornaments – ribbon, fabric of any type, yarn or thread (crochet around the pipe cleaner, or wrap), etc.


What you need:

  • Cookie Cutters, on hand
  • Chenille stems (pipe cleaners), on hand or $1
  • Plaid scarf or scrap fabric or yarn, on hand or $1
  • Ribbon (optional), on hand

Total: FREE and up


Part 1: Making the Shape


Bend a pipecleaner along the edges of a cookie cutter, paying special attention to each crease and corner of the cookie cutter. When you have bent around all edges of cookie cutter, fasten ends of pipecleaner together to finish shape. Tweak the shape of the ornament, if needed. If your cookie cutter’s sides are longer than one pipecleaner, you will want to start by bending two pipecleaners together.

Cookie cutters with definite corners and angles are better for this project, as pipe cleaners are pliable, even after they’re shaped!

(You have to hold the pipe cleaner with both hands simultaneously while doing this, but I was taking a photo)

Part 2: Wrapping the Ornament

Cut a narrow (1/2″ is a good width) strip all the way down the length of your scarf. Tie a knot of fabric around the shaped pipecleaner and begin to wrap the fabric around, making sure to cover the pipecleaner completely. When you finish covering the pipecleaner, tie off. Tie a strip of scarf to the ornament for hanging, or add coordinating ribbon, twine, etc.

Slip the ornament back onto the cookie cutter to give it a little shape refresher (it may have become bent out of shape during the wrapping phase!).

Tie onto a package, and give!

And if you’re the crocheting or knitting type, these look great if you do a cast-on stitch around them.