Thanks to reader Laura Reichlin who sent in this great idea for recycling old CDs as bases for Christmas candle holder/arrangements. – Heather

From Laura:

I snagged a plethora of CDs from work that were going to be tossed, thinking my child’s preschool could use them.  As Christmas was nearing I thought they would be a great option for using for a Christmas craft for my three year old to make for the Grandmas, Aunties, Teachers, etc., so I snagged a dozen or so from the school (seriously, there’s a thousand in the box I gave them I think!) and decided to make candle holders.  I decorated them with sparkly stuff, but you could also use dried “nature” items as well (or whatever else you like).

Project Estimate:

  • Landfill-bound CD:  on hand
  • Garland:  $1 (makes appx 10 candle holders!)
  • Votive candle:  2 for $1 (though I have many non-christmas votives on-hand as well)
  • Jingle bells:  $1/pack (makes 2-3 holders)
  • Candy:  $1/pack (makes 2-3 holders)
  • Sparkle balls:  foam balls $1, glitter on hand
  • Felt “foot”:  $1/pack (6 in a pack)

Total: $5 – $10 for several holders, or about $1 each


To make:

  1. Cut garland into appx 1″ “tufts” Note:  be sure to continually be twisting garland, so wires are twisted tighter and don’t come apart as you are cutting.
  2. Make glitter balls (dip in glue, then in glitter), or use mini ornaments from dollar store
  3. Attach felt “foot” to center of labeled side of CD
  4. Glue garland tufts to shiny side of CD, leaving center clear for the votive
  5. Glue jingle bells, glitter balls, candy, or other items to garland tufts
  6. Let dry, add candle and there you go!