We all love wreaths. Wreaths are probably the number one most submitted item to Dollar Store Crafts, year-round. And let’s face it, during the holidays, wreaths at the peak of popularity. There are so many kinds of wreaths, and you can make them out of everything and anything. Each evening this week, I’m going to post a wreath idea or tutorial for you, so get ready, ’cause here they come! Day 1 right here! -Heather


Dollar Store Ornament Wreath By Elizabeth Marsten, EB Ornaments

There are a lot of tutorials out there for holiday wreaths, Christmas wreaths and so on, but how many can look this fancy for less than $5? A trip to the Dollar Tree store brought up the basic wreath, the roll of ribbon (the whole roll was used) and 12 plastic ornaments. Four each in green glitter,  shiny metallic red and matte gold. I already had wire cutters and floral wire on hand, but if you don’t it’s just another $2 to add them to your home crafting arsenal.


Project Estimate:

  • Pine wreath, $1
  • Pack of 12 plastic ornaments $1
  • Roll of fancy wire edged ribbon $1
  • Green floral wire $1 or on hand
  • Wire cutters $1 or on hand
  • 3mm plastic rhinestones, $1 or on hand
  • Glitter (on hand)
  • Glue, on hand

Total: $3 and up

First, prep the ornaments if you want them to be fancier than what in your plastic tube. I decided that I wanted a couple of red and gold glitter ornaments to go with the green ones and that studding then with rhinestones would give it that extra special kick.


Take the ornaments you want to glitter up and using a paintbrush, paint on a thick glue like Aleene’s Tacky Glue or even Elmer’s. Sprinkle on the glitter liberally and spread around, coating evenly. You’ll want to hang the ornament up or suspend it to dry so that the glue and glitter can set.


Using a clear drying glue like Aleene’s Clear Gel Tacky Glue, dot on the ornament where you want the jewels to go. Since the top of the ornament is going to be buried into the wreath, try and keep it around the bottom of the ornament to maximize visibility.

Once everything is dry, grab your wire cutters and floral wire. Cut 12- 3inch pieces of wire for attaching the ornaments to the wreath.

Thread the wire through the top of the ornament and bend in the center, nestle the ornament into the wreath and twist the ends of the floral wire tightly around the base of the wreath.

Try not to attach to the individual “boughs” themselves for stability purposes.

Work your way all around the wreath, spacing the ornaments out evenly and using 10-12 or them, depending on your preference.

Take the wire edged ribbon and begin winding it around the wreath, in between the ornaments. Attach the ends to the base of the wreath or together, preferably with a spot from a hot glue gun.
Using what is left of the ribbon, create a very large bow with long ends trailing out. Trim the ends into points or leave as is, whatever you like.


Cut a 5 inch piece of floral wire and thread it through the back of the bow. Attach the bow to the base of the wreath, twisting the ends together.
That’s it! A gorgeous holiday wreath for less than $5!


Elizabeth Marsten of EB Ornaments has been making unique Christmas ornaments for a few years and each year gets a little more unique. From Japanese koi fish, foxes and penguins to the traditional Santa, snowman and snowflake ornaments, it’s always Christmas in her craft room!