Thanks to Sheri Stevenson of who wrote this guest post. She’s full of great dollar store crafting ideas, and shares them all on her site. Check out this clever tutorial, and eight bonus ideas she’s provided! -Heather

Make a Pyramid Box Tree by Sheri Stevenson,

For many years now, (I think 13?) I’ve been working with my church to put together our annual Family Christmas Workshop. This is a make-n-take outreach event in which we provide the prepared materials for 300-500 each of 28-30 different crafts. Kids of all ages come and spend 3 hours making crafts of their choice and working at their own pace (though that’s usually warp speed because they want to do as many as possible.) It’s a blast! And they leave with a boxful of treasures! The dollar stores have been an invaluable asset for this event, my favorite store being Dollar Tree. As long as you can think outside the box, there are treasures galore! And for us, with a budget of less than 75 cents per craft, it’s essential!

pyramid tree01
Dollar Tree carries packages of pyramid favor boxes, though they’re easier to find in the spring. It comes in a package of 5 for $1, mixed gold and silver. We were going to make a Christmas snack, but decided the box was too pretty to use for food packaging that would be thrown away afterwards. So we made it into a Christmas tree instead…


Project Materials:

  • 1 pyramid favor box (package of 5 for $1)
  • 18″ narrow ribbon ($1 for a roll of 3 yards)
  • 1 gold star for the top of the tree (or tie a bow with the extra ribbon) on hand
  • 18″ string bead garland or light garland ($1)
  • 18″ fancy yarn ($1 per skein)
  • 1 clothespin (on hand)
  • gold paint (optional)
  • glue

Total: $4 for 5, and the price gets cheaper the more you make.

Prepare your supplies. If you’d like, use the gold paint for the star and the clothespin.


Begin by sealing the top (bottom) of the favor box.


Glue the bead garland to the bottom corner of the box. Begin winding the garland around the box.


Wrap the garland around the tree to the top, spot gluing as needed.


Repeat the process with the ribbon, going in the alternate direction.


Repeat again with the piece of yarn.


Add the star to the top of the tree, at an angle to the box.


Glue the clothespin to the bottom. That’s it! Now it’s ready to clip onto the tree.

I think one of my favorite areas in the store is the wedding section. Ironically, I’ve never purchased anything from there for an actual wedding. I thought I’d share a few examples of things we’ve done the past couple of years using items you can find amongst the wedding supplies.

Next year, we have plans to do an angel with the same favor box ….


Another favorite for the last several years is the little white pails. They come in a package of 3 for $1. This year we did a snowman hot tub, with snowmen made from glove fingers…


In previous years, we’ve also done a snowman treat pail…


… and a doggie treat pail, complete with dog biscuits (or you could use Scooby snack graham cookies too)…


They also carried some fabric favor bags that were very lovely with jewel trim on the bottom, in a package of 4 for $1. Stuffed with a little gift packaging shreds, these ultimately became a sachet angel ornament…

sachet angel

The little folded gift bags seem to have endless uses for us, especially at a package of 12 for $1! We’ve made them into little gift bags to hold the earring craft they made…

mini gift bag cut med

This year, we decorated them up and made a “real” doggie bag, complete with yummy dog treats…

Doggie Bag

But really, the seem to be an endless blank canvas…

mini gift bags

These ideas listed come from just one small area of the store. But when we’re preparing for our event, there isn’t an area of the store that we don’t check for possibilities. The chip clips are another of my favorite at 3 for $1. But there’s also socks and gloves and doilies and clothes pins and … well, a whole store of potential.

I hope you try a few of these yourself. You can find the material lists and instructions at or at my blog.