Readers, I need your help! I got this email from Heidi – have any suggestions for her?

I read your blog often and love the ideas you share.  I have a problem I thought you might be able to help me with.  A few years ago, my grandma passed away and I inherited a couple of her beautiful cashmere sweaters.  They have very intricate bead work all over them (see pictures).  They are too big (and outdated) for me to wear, but I would love to do something with them.  Any thoughts?


My first inclination would be to felt it, but I haven’t heard of anyone felting a beaded sweater before! (I wonder if Betz White has done it?)

Other ideas:

  • Make them into throw pillow covers
  • Stretch over a canvas for a wall hanging
  • Cut up and sew into hats and mittens
  • Alter them to fit you

Now it’s your turn readers!