Voting is now closed.

Well, this being my first non-random contest, it took me a little while to figure out the details of how we’d choose a winner. I didn’t want to choose the winner all by myself because I know some of you personally, and it just doesn’t seem fair that way. My hopes of putting together a panel of judges didn’t quite work out, so I’m turning it over to you, dear readers, to vote for your favorites.

I divided the wreaths into five groups of six wreaths (except the last group, which has five wreaths), so you can vote for your favorite wreath in each group.

So just vote for one wreath in each group, and then I’ll get back with you on Wednesday to put up the voting for the finalists. The wreath that receives the most votes in each group will advance to the final voting round.

I didn’t include any info about who made these or construction, materials, cost, etc. Each person provided different info. If you want to find out more, check out the comments in this post. These are shown to you in order I received them.

If you are one of the entrants, feel free to promote your wreath to your readers, friends, and family and have them vote. I will keep voting open until 11:30pm Pacific time tomorrow night (Tuesday, December 15).

Edited to add: I forgot to include one wreath, so I’m adding it at the end of the post past all the polls and I will automatically forward it to the finals round. Sorry about that!

wreath01Wreath 1

wreath02Wreath 2

wreath03Wreath 3

wreath04Wreath 4

wreath05Wreath 5

wreath06Wreath 6

[poll id=”2″]

wreath07Wreath 7

wreath08Wreath 8

wreath09Wreath 9

wreath10Wreath 10

wreath11Wreath 11

wreath12Wreath 12

[poll id=”3″]

wreath13Wreath 13

wreath14Wreath 14

wreath15Wreath 15

wreath16Wreath 16

wreath17Wreath 17

wreath18Wreath 18

[poll id=”4″]

wreath19Wreath 19

wreath20Wreath 20

wreath21Wreath 21

wreath22Wreath 22

wreath23Wreath 23

wreath24Wreath 24

[poll id=”5″]

wreath25Wreath 25

wreath26Wreath 26

wreath27Wreath 27

wreath28Wreath 28


[poll id=”6″]

wreath30Wreath 30
(automatically forwarded to finals because I forgot to include it in the voting)