Happy birthday to me! Today I’m 33, so I’m going to share with you a clever birthday greeting card idea I got from reader Theo-Ann at Outside the Box. She used some oversized chalkboard stickers (normally used for wall decals, find them in a little display unit with other wall decals if you shop at Dollar Tree) and cut them down to greeting card size to make a clever personalized birthday card. I love the idea of the card, and I really love the idea of using those wall decals as super quick mini chalkboards, stuck wherever you want to stick them. You could put them on binders or folders, one of those silver tray things (the ones I always say I want to make a dollar store craft project for, but I never do), or a lot of other surfaces to make a super-quick chalkboard. What would you stick the stickers on? [click here for the chalkboard greeting card idea]

Project Estimate:

  • Chalkboard sticker, $1
  • Scrap card stock, on hand

Total: $1