I saw a cardboard playhouse kit at my local big-box store, and I admit I was tempted to just buy it for convenience’s sake. The price was high enough to make me think again (and again… the price was pretty high!), so I was really excited when I stumbled across this DIY cardboard playhouse project over at Urban Craft. This crafty mama (and fellow Oregonian!) constructed this version of a playhouse using foam core board, construction paper, felt, and faux flowers, and it was less than ten bucks! She didn’t give details on how she made it, but I bet you could figure it out! And yes, you can get foam core at many dollar stores! [click here for cardboard playhouse project]

Project Estimate:

  • Foam core board, $8
  • Construction paper, on hand
  • Faux flowers (optional), on hand or $1
  • Acrylic paint, on hand
  • Tape (clear packing?), on hand

Total: $8