Use an old technique to make a cool new lamp! Use string, a balloon, and some kind of stiffener to make this cool string lampshade, found at Pickles. You can pick up a pendant lamp kit at your local home improvement store or IKEA for ten bucks or less. Or, you could play around with using twinkle lights  as illumination. Pickles used wallpaper paste to stiffen the string, but other  makers had good luck with Elmer’s glue or other types of stiffeners. You can use a big punch-balloon (find at the party store if your dollar store doesn’t stock them) for the round form or an inflatable beach ball like x4duros did. [click here for how to make a string lamp]

Project Estimate:

  • Ball of string or yarn or two, $1 and up
  • Elmer’s glue, 3 large desk bottles, about $1 each
  • Inflatable beach ball or punch balloon, $1
  • Vaseline, on hand

Total: $5 and up