I love these little wire bird nests found over at Just Something I Made. Cathe Holden graciously provides a tutorial for making them, so now you can make your own nests to adorn rings, necklaces, or other projects. [click here for the wire bird nest tutorial]

You can find what you need to make these pretty nests at the dollar store. I have found various materials for jewelry making at my local Dollar Tree, including pearl-like beads and wire. You can even find needle-nosed pliers and wire cutters if you don’t already own some. I love that you can make jewelry with dollar store stuff without investing a ton of money (raise your hand if you’ve dropped more than you meant to at the craft or bead store on jewelry-making stuff! Good, I’m not alone!)

Project Estimate:

  • Pearl-like beads, $1
  • 24 gauge wire, $1
  • Pliers, wire-cutters, on hand or $1 each

Total: $2 and up