I love the texture of jewelry and accessories made from metal zippers. This rose brooch is an especially nice mix of hard-edged and softness. If you have a center for reclaimed materials near you, you might be able to get a deal on metal-toothed zippers for this project. (I just visited SCRAP in Portland, and it had an AMAZING selection of recycled materials, including zippers. I know there are similar stores in Austin and San Francisco — check the “road trip” section here for a list of other cities with similar programs. Anyone else have one nearby? Sound off in the comments.) [click here for zipper brooch instructions] via [my favorite source for recycled fashion and design ideas]

Project Estimate:
*2 Coats & Clark Brass Coverall Zipper 22″ Black or zipper trim, about $4 and up
*Pin back, on hand (Westrim Pin Back 1″ Silver 60pc)
*Needle & thread, on hand

Total: $4 and up

p.s. I am trying a new affiliate program out. I know it’s kind of clunky to have the links to products in the list, but if you need a source for these products, Create For Less is a good online source for cheap supplies. Click one of the links in the list to go to the store. If you buy, I get a teeny percentage.

p.p.s. On a personal note, I took last weekend off because I was moving! Still sorting out the internet connection at the new place! Don’t worry, I’ll try to make sure you get a dose of dollar store goodness this weekend! Oh, and I got some goodie bags of cool stuff when I visited SCRAP that I will be giving away very soon! Stay tuned.