Every time I go to the dollar store, I see so many things that would be great additions to a craft project or someone’s decor, but I just can’t buy them all. On my last trip to the dollar store, I decided to snap a few pictures to share my finds with you. I usually go to Dollar Tree, and we have about ten or more in our area (I alternate between about four or five of them). Maybe you’ll see something here that you want to get.

First up are these cute little birdies – they are pretty charming as is, but you could paint them and/or antique them to alter their looks a bit.

I found these cool finial things near the birds. I read a lot of your awesome blogs, and these would fit right in with a lot of people’s decor as is, or you could add them to other projects to add some drama. They’re about six inches tall. I bet they’d look awesome spray-painted in fashion colors (my current favorite color: red-orange). If you painted them and then sprayed them with clear gloss, maybe they’d look kind of like wrought iron? (I think I just talked myself into going back and getting some, by the way!)

Here are some paper lanterns in fun colors, and they come with a lightbulb and a spot for a battery, so you don’t even have to figure out how you would light them up. Easy! Fun party decor, or an easy way to add some color in a tween’s room. You can’t really beat the price, either!

This photo is bad, but these bulletin boards have nice wooden frames and are a pretty generous size (about the size of a legal sheet of paper – approximately 11×17″). I would love to see someone make a miniature version of this Pottery Barn rustic wall organizer with a burlap covering stenciled with postmarks.

(Pottery Barn Inspiration)

The last item is random, but I thought some of you would think these colored staples were fun. They can add a nice little touch if you are making booklets or zines, or I bet they’d be nice in scrapbooking.

What have you found at the dollar store lately?