I have never seen this before, but it’s so cool: make frost paint with epsom salts! The crafty mamas over at Homemade Mamas, readers Rebecca and Maggie cooked up this fun activities for their littles — frosty-looking crystals actually form on the paper! This is especially great for those of us who live in warmer places where frost doesn’t ever form on the windows (I realize as I type this that I don’t actually KNOW if frost still forms on any windows… my only first-hand knowledge of it is from the Little House on the Prairie books… they’re my favorite.) [how to make frost paint]

I haven’t seen Epsom Salt at the dollar store, but you can pick it up for less than two dollars at your local drug or grocery store, and you can use it to make some nice bath salts (check Homemade Mamas for that project, too!)

Project Estimate:

  • Epsom Salt, $1.26 or on hand
  • Boiling water, on hand
  • Colored paper, on hand

Total: FREE

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