I can’t believe I’ve been making quilts as long as I have without any kind of design wall!  A design wall is an area on your wall where you can lay out quilt blocks to come up with a layout  for your quilt.  The advantages are numerous — I’ve always laid out my quilts on the floor, which works fine.  But with little ones running around, my time is limited to naps and “after hours.”  Generally there just isn’t enough time to lay out my quilt and get a really good look at it without it getting tromped on.  Consequently I tend to end up with areas that I would have changed a little bit if I’d had more time to really look at the layout.

With a design wall you can leave your quilt laid out for hours, days, or even weeks if you want to — because it’s up on the wall and out of the way!  Well, today my mom Wendy of Old Days Old Ways shows us how to make an awesome design wall using mostly dollar store items!  Her idea is adaptable, so you could make a design wall of any size!  She is a genius!  [go to tutorial]

Project Materials:

  • 2 foam core boards, $1 each
  • 2 poster boards, 2/$1
  • 1 yard white flannel, $2.50 with coupon
  • adhesive spray, on hand
  • duct tape, on hand

Total: $5.50 and up