My sister just went on a trip to Senegal, Africa, and while she’s been there she has painted a 30-foot outdoor mural and done some crafts with kids at a teen center. Before she left, she asked me to help her think of some simple craft projects she could bring, so we brainstormed a few dollar store crafts that would be cheap, lightweight and fun for kids of all ages. This project is a perfect kids’ craft: one or two simple steps, and a colorful result that kids from toddler to teen can make and enjoy.

To make a bunch of butterflies, all you need are a few simple items you can find at the dollar store.

Project Materials:

  • Old-fashioned wooden clothespins, $1
  • Coffee filters, $1
  • Crayons, on hand

Total: $2

To make, flatten the coffee filter and fold in half. Color the filter any way you want. To assemble the butterfly, slide the filter into the opening of the clothespin (scrunch if desired).