I’ve had this tutorial in my “to post” pile for far too long! My blogland pal Jessica at Zakka Life came up with this twist on the recycled plastic bottle bead: she inserted washi paper
and made the beads into unique and pretty works of art. You could do the same with pretty scrapbooking paper, or scan some fabric and print it out on your printer. [click here for how to make washi paper plastic beads]

You do need some means of melting the plastic, but Jessica says a hair dryer will work. If you have a heat gun, it will work even better. I have a heat gun I got 40% off from one of the big-box craft stores. Some plastics can be toxic when melted, so use wisdom in making these.

Project Estimate:

  • Soda bottle, on hand
  • Paper, on hand or $3
  • Hair dryer, on hand

Total: Free and up

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p.p.s. I’ve been sorely behind in email and all your tips for great dollar store projects. Please forgive me and know that I’m not ignoring you.