I love this idea for adding a little special something to a humdrum frame! Adding a beaded necklace can make a plain frame into a special one. Disney, the genius behind Ruffles and Stuff, shared this idea on her blog last weekend. She also shows you how to make the cute butterflies – perfect for a little spring decor. [how to make a shabby beaded frame]

Another thing you can do to make your frame even more shabby chic is to antique it after you’re done painting it. You can use faux technique glaze (like you see a lot at Shanty2Chic), or just paint a quick watery coat of a brown craft acrylic paint (raw umber is a good color for this), and then wipe it off. It will leave darker paint in the creases where you can’t quite remove the paint, and it instantly adds age and character to anything.

Project Estimate:

  • Frame, $1
  • Beaded necklace, $1
  • Paint, on hand
  • Glaze, on hand

Total: $2