One of my favorite newly-discovered blogs is Salty Pineapple. Nikki has great ideas and tutorials, beautiful photos, and recently hosted a fun theme week featuring glue gun crafts in which she showed us how to make a DRESS with a glue gun. Amazing! She agreed to do a guest post for us, and this project definitely lives up to her amazing blog! Thanks, Nikki! -Heather

Spring Table Runner by Nikki from Salty Pineapple

I often stroll around the dollar store, or down the clearance aisle at the craft store, looking for inspiration for my next project. Just recently I was at my local Dollar Store and the colorful dish towels caught my attention. There were several different colors that I couldn’t walk away from. As I looked through all of the wash cloths and dish towels I knew what I was going to make. Actually, I thought of three things to make, but today I am going to share my “Dish Towel Table Runner.”

Project Supplies:

  • 3 Dish towels ( you made need more or less depending on the length of your table and the size of the dish towels), $3
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread to match your dish towels
  • Ribbon scraps for your flower stems
  • A few fabric flowers
  • Hot glue gun

Total cost: $3 and up

There were only two yellow dish towels left when I got to the store. I knew I need one more for my table, so I grabbed a coordinating green one. The colors are all very spring, so I was happy.

  1. Start off by pining the short ends of your dish cloths together. I butted the ends together because I wanted the fabric to lay flat.

  2. Sew a zig zap stitch down the center of the two dish cloths. I suggest testing your zig zap on a piece of scrap fabric first, so you can decided how big and wide you want your stitch. I used a fairly big stitch so the yellow thread wasn’t quite as noticeable on the green fabric.

  3. Repeat process if adding a third dish towel.

Now let’s add some flowers for this spring table runner. I attached my flowers in opposite corners on each end of the runner.

4. I started by pining my green ribbon on for my stems. I added a little loop to look like a leaf. The length of your stems is all up to you. This is where you get to be creative. I will probably throw this table runner in the wash at some point. I didn’t want my ribbon fraying, so I folded the ends under before I sewed it down. You could also use a little fray check.

5. I used a dab of hot glue to attach my flowers to the top of the ribbon stems. You could sew your flowers on if you like.

6. Use a hot iron to make any wrinkles disappear and toss your new table runner on your table.

Now you can enjoy a little spring indoors even if it’s still snowing outside.