No, this blog is not turning into a conteststashbusting blog, although I HAVE been talking about that a lot lately! I’ll be back later today with another dollar store craft, but I wanted to announce the winner of our quick contest. (And here’s a picture of another Peeps frame project I did).

Thanks to everyone who entered the Girl Group Confidential giveway. You had some great ideas for what you are doing to make from your stash, but one answer stuck out to me because it was so different than everyone else’s:

I’m going to finally glamourize my original xbox controller. And use my soldering iron to turn it into a usb controller.

So, congrats to Laura!

You all had a lot of good ideas for stashbusting. Here are a few:

Pattyannie: I am decoupaging those cute little birds. I have made one with flowers photos cut from a gardening magazine, a cardinal decoupaged in the map of St. Louis, and I made another one with sheet music. I am a teacher and I think that I might make these with the kids for Mother’s Day.

MamaTAVE: I am going to branch out from the usual soaker pants I make with wool sweaters I have thrifted. I have some ideas for trying to make coasters and beanies. I’m excited to bust into my yarn stash to embellish these items as well!

Brittany: I am going to make my new baby girl some cute headbands and hairbows for Easter out of some premade bows (going to dismantle them) and some flowers that I purchased!

Dawn: Touch & feel books for kiddos on my therapy caseload ( using foam sheets, pom pons, stretch animals, sand paper, felt, hot glue, glitter, pipe cleaners, etc)

Amy V: An apron as a part of a baking themed bridal shower gift I’m giving

Gail: A Construction Quilt for my 2 year old. He found some fabric in my stash and won’t leave it alone :) I plan on really giving my fabric stash a workout. I need to condense ALL of my crafty supplies. No new purchases. I have already been redecorating with what I have and it is going beautifully :)

Andi: I will be making long and lanky sock monsters from my stash of thigh high socks I got on clearance. :-)

Catherine S: April is my daughter’s birthday month, so from my stash I will be making her little pocket gifts (flip books, ornaments, scrapbooks, etc.) for all 30 days…a new surprise each day and what a great way to get through all my scraps and stash!

Anji: I’m going to make a rag quilt purse with *whatever* scraps of material I have!!

Jenny B: I’ll be making some fleece dinosaurs for my friend’s newly adopted son! Maybe I’ll finally get around to assembling that wedding scrapbook too with all those little pretty shiny things I’ve been stockpiling!

Thanks again to everyone who entered (and helped me test the contest software)! I wish I could have linked to your blogs along with your comments, but I didn’t have the links. Feel free to comment here with a link.