Last August, when Heather first asked me to be a regular contributor here at Dollar Store Crafts, I spent a big chunk of time at my local dollar store, browsing and looking for great project materials and ideas.  The very first item I knew I had to have was a most fabulous dish towel with a fish theme.  How I loved the details of that fishy!  I have now gotten that dish towel out of my DSC supply bin at LEAST a dozen times, ready to turn it into something — and until now I just haven’t been able to cut into it!

Fast forward to two weeks ago!  My son recently had a birthday, and on a trip to our local library we learned he was now old enough to get his very own library card.  Oh, the excitement!  But where to keep it, so it would be safe?  His idea:  He needed a WALLET!  Today I’ll share how I made it!  [get instructions]

Project Estimate:

  • dish towel, $1
  • velcro scrap, on hand
  • heavy-ish interfacing, on hand

Total:  $1

Caroline Sanchez (Care) has been sewing since her mom taught her the basics at around six years old.  She has always been driven to CREATE, even from a very young age.  She is mommy to two little boys and one baby girl, and almost every spare moment she has is spent in her sewing room or working on her blog, Obsessively Stitching.