Take dollar store Mardi Gras beads and add a cheesy brass Williamsburg chandelier light fixture plus a little spray paint, and what do you get? Laura from Style-For-Style‘s dramatic beaded chandelier. She was kind enough to share her amazing makeover when she saw the beaded chandelier I posted the other day. I think hers looks easier and better – win win! Check thrift stores, garage sales, or Craigslist for the chandelier (or maybe you already have one in your garage). Her advice is to skip the wire (that I used) and just go with hot glue. [click here for the beaded chandelier instructions]

Laura also made this super-dramatic chandelier with the plastic beads. [click here for this chandelier]

Project Estimate:

  • Chandelier, on hand or $10 and up
  • 2 packs of plastic Mardi Gras beads, $2
  • Hot glue gun and sticks, on hand
  • Spray paint, $1 and up

Total: $3 and up

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