Tell me what you think about this copper kitchen wreath. I thought these copper things were cool looking when I found them at the dollar store, and I imagined they’d make a humorous kitchen wreath. I can’t tell if I love it or hate it. I keep telling myself it’s very Anthropologie (I’m pretty sure they’d make the copper thingies into a fabulous display. Not so sure I rose to the Anthro level with this particular project). So, what do you think? Flop or fabulous? Would you make one? What could I do to make it better?

Yes, the copper things are dish scrubbies (aka “Wire Scourers”). Three for a dollar! I used four packages to make this wreath (although an extra package wouldn’t have hurt).

Project Estimate:

  • Floral foam wreath, $1
  • Kraft paper (or other paper), $1 or on hand
  • 4 packages of dish scrubbies (3 per package), $4
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks, on hand

Total: $4 and up

Maybe this wreath would be better if I added paper towel flowers or tea!

I think these scrubbies are kinda pretty and sparkly, though.

How to make it:

1. Cover a green floral wreath with kraft paper strips. I have a roll of brown kraft paper from the mailing supplies display at Dollar Tree, and it is in my top five favorite supplies from the dollar store. You get a lot of it, and you can use it for all kinds of crafting.

I covered the green wreath with paper so it would blend better with the copper scrubbies. You can also use a different type of wreath form (that doesn’t have to be covered).

To cut the kraft paper strips: cut an 18″ piece of paper from the roll. Let it roll up onto itself, and cut through the roll in 3/4″ strips.

To wrap the wreath: Anchor the end of a strip on the wreath with hot glue. Wrap strip of paper around wreath, overlapping each strip a bit to completely cover the wreath. Glue the end of each strip to the wreath, and repeat process until entire wreath is covered.

2. Hot glue scrubbies to the top of the wreath.

3. You could stop there, but I added scrubbies around the edge of the wreath, too.

I always have trouble photographing things that are supposed to hang on the wall, so I hung this on my oven. I think it kinda looks cute there, though. Not that it can actually hang on the front of the oven. Ha.

4. Embellish as desired. I tied a floppy satin bow to mine because I’m accessory challenged, but I’m sure you would make yours look amazing!

I thought these silver scrubbies were cool, too. They look like rosettes.

Okay, spare no feelings. Tell me what you think!