Summer is unofficially here, and so is picnic season! Keep your kids occupied painting rocks while you take care of the picnic details, then turn the painted rocks into tablecloth weights you can use all summer. Your children are sure to paint enough rocks for several sets of table weights, so don’t forget to wrap a set or two up for gifts when you go to your next family picnic. [get the details on this simple summer craft in the tutorial I wrote over at AmazingMoms]

Project Materials:

  • River rocks, $1 (I got a bag of ’em at the dollar store)
  • 1 pack of ironing board cover fasteners (will make 2 sets of weights), $1
  • Acrylic craft paint, on hand
  • Clear acrylic spray, on hand
  • Strong glue that can bond to non-porous material, such as E6000

Total: $2 for 2 sets