You have to admit, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get from a well-organized space. While you CAN spend a lot on organization, you don’t HAVE to spend a lot to keep your space in order. The dollar store has quite a few tools for organization, including a whole wall full of storage bins and baskets. You liked the ideas in our first organization roundup, so I have been collecting other frugal organizational ideas from readers and my other stops around the internet.

Painted Baking Pans for Storage: FREE and up

Even if you have to pick up a bottle of acrylic paint or a can of spray paint, this is a dandy idea for reusing old baking pans as storage. Or, you can pick up inexpensive baking pans at the dollar store or thrift store to make over! Such a pretty display. Great idea by Natalie Jost. [via]

Storage Cupboard: $32

Ali from Found in the “Ali” shows us how she organized all her art and design supplies for just $32 (that includes this awesome cabinet!). All her baskets came from the dollar store. [get the details]

Recycled Soap Box Organizer: FREE and up

Sarah at Stepping Thru Crazy made this desktop organizer from recycled bath soap containers! Find out how here.

Homeschooling Cupboard Organization (including zip-top bag organizers): $1

Lisa at Cheerios Underfoot (love that name! I so identify with that!) organized her homeschooling cupboard with dollar store stuff. I like this tip: take games out of their cardboard boxes, put all the game pieces, cards, and so on into labeled zip-top bags. Store game boards flat. Details here.

Bathroom Organization Bins: $2

Erin reorganized her bathroom storage with dollar store bins and added cute frames to label them This is a great detail that adds a touch of fun and whimsy to your storage. Details at Landsdowne Life.

Sew a Fabric Pocket for Bins: $1

Avlor at Fox Downs designed these fabric pockets for her plastic bins so she could keep the small stuff from falling into disorder in the bottom of the basket. She shares the tutorial here. [via]

Ribbon-Embellished Bin: $2

Marie at Make and Takes embellished a plastic bin with some pretty ribbons. This is a good way to dress up those bins (especially if they’re going to be displayed prominently somewhere in the house!). The dollar store has these bins and often has a variety of ribbon. Get the info at M&T.