Whenever my nieces come over, they raid my dish towel drawer for “dress-ups.”  Yes, they use dish towels for everything from dresses to capes.  It’s very fun, and very cute — but it makes for a lot of laundry!  :o)

Last week at the dollar store I spotted some dish towels — flour sack style, but a bit smaller and in fun, bright colors.  It was meant to be!  I went straight home with a few and turned them into Dish Towel Superhero Capes — complete with contrasting lining and a superhero initial!  And it only took about 15 minutes per cape!  [come see how I did it!]

Project Materials:

  • two dishtowels, $1 each
  • scrap of fusible webbing, on hand
  • velcro, on hand

Total: $2!

Caroline Sanchez (Care) has been sewing since her mom taught her the basics at around six years old.  She has always been driven to CREATE, even from a very young age.  She is mommy to two little boys and one baby girl, and almost every spare moment she has is spent in her sewing room or working on her blog, Obsessively Stitching.