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I also used a metal stamping kit to mark the washers with numbers to suggest a clock face (you can get these at Harbor Freight), a permanent marker to antique the metal stamping, and a dollar store chain and jump ring to turn it into a necklace. I used needle-nosed pliers to help me open and close the chain link and jump rings. I intentionally mixed metal colors because I thought it added to the steampunk feel.

This applies to all my projects: please substitute whatever materials you have on hand to make this project your own. I encourage improvisation.

To Make:

1. If desired, stamp numbers on washer with your metal stamping kit. Alternately, decorate the metal washer with decoupage, or inks that can be stamped onto metal. Otherwise, move on to step 2. (My example washer here was test-stamped, so ignore the stamping pattern on it.)

2. Glue small jump ring around the center hole of the washer with E6000 glue. Allow it to dry a bit for a few minutes (it will take 24 hours to completely dry and cure, but you can assemble the rest of the charm before then!)

3. Remove one link from the oversized copper chain. I used needle-nosed pliers and a bit of force to open my link (it wasn’t designed to be easily disassembled). Straighten link out and make as flat as possible. Glue to outside of metal washer.

4. Put rhinestone brad through back of metal washer and bend prongs out on front of charm to suggest watch hands. You don’t need to glue the brad or anything.

5. Put large jump ring between prongs of second brad (note: make sure the jump ring is larger than the rhinestone brad head, so the ring can move freely), pull it all the way to the head of the brad. Use needle-nosed pliers to clamp prongs together tightly, if necessary.

6. Glue brad/jump ring combo to back of washer (make sure it lines up with the “12” on the clock if you have one).

7. Here’s the back view and the front view. (I put copper rings on the back of my prototype, but I like it better without the additional copper ring on the back). Antique with antiquing medium or slightly watered-down acrylic paint, if desired. Let it cure for 24 hours before wearing. Mount onto chain with an additional jump ring (to make sure the pendant lies flat with the chain).

Uh oh, someone’s crashed my photo shoot!

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