One of my favorite summer party ideas is to have a neighborhood parade with kids and all their vehicles: bikes, tricycles, wagons, and even strollers. Set up a decorating station before the parade so kids can decorate their rides with streamers, balloons, and ribbon. I used a pack of those luau leis to create handlebar streamers for AmazingMoms. Did you know that if you unravel plastic leis, you get huge, long, colorful streamers? I’m sure we can come up with some other great projects to use those streamers for (crochet? decorating fused plastic?). If you want to deconstruct some leis, now is the time to purchase them at the dollar store. I bet the luau stuff will be phasing out pretty soon. [click here to find out how to make handlebar streamers]

Project Estimate:

  • 2 leis, (pack of 6 for $1), $1
  • a piece of curling ribbon, on hand

Total: $1