Since spring began, there are flowers everywhere (outside AND in blogland). It’s so beautiful! I’ve gathered up some thrifty ways to bring the beauty of flowers indoors. Done any good flower projects lately? What’s your favorite way to bring the outdoors into your home?

Recycled Jar Vases

Kellie at Ada and Darcy shared this tip for making colorful vases out of recycled glass containers. Don’t you love her color palette? Her blog is full of pretty flowers and pretty colors. [visit it to find out how she made these vases from jars and paint.]

Rolled Paper Flowers

This is a fun and happy project made from recycled catalog pages! Find out how to make rolled paper flowers over at Frugal Life Project. [make rolled paper flowers from catalogs]

Altered Dollar Store Flowers

So the dollar store sells a LOT of faux flowers, but I never buy any because I just don’t know how to make them look decent. I have basically zero experience with faux flowers to begin with, and *ahem* less-expensive faux flowers can look kinda cheesy if you pick the wrong ones and arrange them the wrong way. Well, Nikki from Salty Pineapple has a tutorial on how to make dollar store flowers look pretty and romantic. [find out how to make over dollar store flowers]

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