So, what CAN’T be painted with chalkboard paint? Anyone? Here are some more great ideas for what to do with your chalkboard paint. I’ve brought you previous roundups, and it seems like the great chalkboard paint ideas keep flowing. As long as they keep flowing, I’ll keep roundupping. If you missed our previous chalkboard paint roundups, check them out: Chalkboard Paint Ideas, More Chalkboard Ideas, and Even More Chalkboard Ideas.

Chalkboard Sandwich Board Sign

Jill at Bird and Berry created this cool sandwich board sign to advertise a bake sale. Now she’ll always have a sign whenever she has an event to share! This would be a very eye-catching way to spread the word about your summer garage sales. Find out how she made this cute sign at her blog.

Chalkboard Band Flower Pot

A band of chalkboard paint with a fabulous print make this flowerpot très chic. Find out how to make a fashionable chalkboard paint flower pot at Sew Hip Mama.

Chalkboard Pebble

Sonja at Craft Werk painted a pebble so she could keep her thought of the day as a constant reminder. Nice! And simple, too! Make a chalkboard paint pebble.

Thanks to reader Andi for the heads up on Chalkboard Painted Nesting Dolls

Design blog Kitsune Noir found these chalkboard-painted nesting dolls by MUJI. They’re only available in Japan, but it’d be the easiest thing in the world to make your own version with chalkboard paint. Find the blanks online or do what I’m doing and order a cheap already-painted set on eBay. You’re going to paint it anyway. Chalkboard Matryoshka Nesting Dolls.

Chalkboard Placecards

These are cute and colorful, and should be pretty easy to make. You can use those wooden forms they sell at the dollar store for the chalkboardy part. Get the info on this cute idea at Vanessa’s blog: The Sewer, The Baker, The Copycat Maker. [via]

Chalkboard Door

Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly dollar store craft-able… but it’s still really cool! Found over at Ohdeedohclick here. [via]

Chalkboard Calendar

This one actually could be done with dollar store stuff, but you might be better off buying a piece of lumber and trimming it to size. Idea found by Lorie at Be Different Act Normalclick to see her other ideas.