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Ana White, Knock-Off Wood

About Ana: She’s the founder of Knock-Off Wood and Ana-White.com, and designs furniture plans and provides them for free on her site. She’s a builder, a blogger, a writer, and a mom.

It’s been a long time since I’ve found a site as awesome as Knock-Off Wood, so congratulations on your blog and all its success. You have a great way with words and with encouragement and motivation – you are doing a remarkable job of empowering the ladies and getting them out to build. You have completely demystified the process for me!

When did you build your first piece of furniture?

In some fashion or another, I’ve been building my entire life. One of my earliest memories is pounding nails on trusses for parents’ house. But it wasn’t until several years ago that my furniture turned the corner from DIY to professional looking results. The landmark project was my farmhouse bed.

ana's bed

Ana’s Farmhouse Bed

How much money can you save building your own furniture?

When I sold furniture to retailers, I charged approximately 5 times the cost of materials. When you add the retailers markup, you can save upwards of 90% of the retail price. But in my opinion, the value cannot be priced, because you built it with your own hands.

Can furniture be made without power tools?

Yes, it is possible. Definitely more difficult, like sewing without a sewing machine. But if you are amazing enough to create spectacular art from the dollar store, than I bet you have the ingenuity to build despite limitations. And while I highly recommend having the proper tools, look what Amy did by having the hardware store cut her boards, and fastening with a good ole’ hammer and nails. Just going to warn you, you may want to cancel your gym membership.

You’re pretty busy. Do you ever find time to craft? If so, what crafts?

I am so busy, I even have to multitask when I’m relaxing! My daughter and I do kid-centric crafts together, that way we get some bonding time in and I get my craft fix. Maybe someday I can move beyond the playdoh and pipe cleaners . . . for now, I’ll just be satisfied to drool every time I visit a craft blog like Dollar Store Crafts or Infarrantly Creative.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions, Ana! And thanks for all the inspiration!