Another great project from Amy at Craft Chi shows us how to reconstruct a t-shirt into a racerback tank top using 99-cent doilies.

Use a t-shirt that doesn’t quite work for you and therefore sits in your drawer unworn, but that initially had high hopes for when you got it. Or, if you don’t have any t-shirts to sacrifice, check out your local thrift store, or the clearance racks at your favorite clothing store. Or, if you just want a virgin tee to craft with, craft stores usually have an aisle devoted to personalized t-shirts, and sell colorful blank tees for $2-5.

Project estimate:

  • Doilies ($1 each) = $3 or so
  • Old t-shirt = free

Total cost: $3 and up
[I’m taking the day off. This archive post originally appeared Nov 11, 2008]