Have you seen footstools at your local dollar store? I haven’t, but Carrie from Tao of Craft found an unfinished wood stool and finished it as a toadstool for last week’s (dollar store crafting themed) round of So You Think You’re Crafty. Very cute, isn’t it? If you can’t find stools at your dollar store, check thrift stores for stools under $5. [toadstool tutorial here]

Project Estimate:

  • Wooden stool, $1
  • About 1/2 yard of wool felt, acrylic felt, or a dollar store fleece blanket, $1 and up
  • 1/8 yard white felt (or above materials), $1 and up
  • Brown craft paint and brush, on hand or $1
  • Staple gun, on hand
  • Wool or poly batting, about $1 and up

Total cost: $4 and up