barbie headband

We didn’t have Barbies when I was a kid (something about them being “too grown up”), but my Grandma had all my aunt’s old 60s Barbies, so we’d play up a storm with the Barbies (and Midge!) when we visited. Along with the readymade clothes and accessories, making little goodies for Barbie made our play even more fun. We would always use the staircase for a makeshift Dream House. Ooh, I just forgot I was writing a craft blog for a second! During the last couple days, a couple handmade goodies for Barbie have popped up in my feed reader, so I figured I should pass them along to you!

Upcycle Craft: Doll Headbands
This cute headband (photo at the top) was made by Jessica and her daughter, over at Zakka Life. Can you guess what the headband base was made of? [how to make Barbie headbands]

barbie pool float

Recycled Plastic Pillow Packaging into Barbie Pool Loungers
Yes, there is a use for those plastic pillow cushion things you get in packages besides popping them and tossing them! Make ’em into a pool lounger for Barbie and pals. Thanks to Whimsy Love for the great idea! [how to make recycled pool toys for Barbie]

barbie pillow

Barbie Clothes Pillow
I love the use of the vintage Barbie shirt on this understated linen pillow, by Jessica at Zakka Life. [Barbie clothes pillow]

barbie shoe bracelet

Barbie Shoe Bracelet
Kristine McKay’s
daughter Kelsey made this bracelet out of her old Barbie shoes. Cute idea from a crafty girl! [Barbie shoe bracelet]

barbie shadow box

Barbie Clothes & Accessories Keepsake Shadow Boxes
Very pretty way to display keepsake Barbie clothes and accessories (or any other little item you love). From Style at Home Magazine, found at Poppytalk. [keepsake shadow boxes via]

barbie valentines

Recycled Barbie Clothes Cards
Use old Barbie (or doll) clothes to create sweet love notes, at Other People’s Chicken. [recycled Barbie clothes valentines via]

barbie apron

Ruffly Barbie Apron
These pretty aprons for Barbie look quick and fun to make, thanks to Brassy Apple for the great idea.  [make Barbie aprons via]

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