I came across a lot of great stuff this week, so I’ve collected it here in one post so you can enjoy it too. I never dreamed when I had the crazy idea to start Dollar Store Crafts a couple years ago that I would soon have MORE dollar store crafting ideas to share than I had time for! It’s truly amazing. I love you, blog community! Check out some of my favorite finds this week:

How to Refinish Furniture at Blue Cricket Designs

This article has a ton of great information on what products to use (primer, kinds of paint, glaze) and what tools you need (dollar store paint brushes, etc.) for refinishing furniture on a budget. There’s a wealth of insider knowledge here (including a lot of great ways to save money), so if you are interested in finding trash at the thrift store (or on a curb) and turning it into treasure, be sure to check this out!

Flower Power Dog Collar at Dill Pickle Picnic

Cece made this charming collar for her doggie using a pet collar and a faux flower – both things can be found at the dollar store, although she received her materials in Mich L.’s Envelope of Doom project. Anyone else have any good pet DIY projects?

DIY Fabric Bolts to Organize Fabric! by The Little Green Bean

What a fun idea! Organize your fabric stash by making your own bolts out of foam core board and an old bookshelf. This is brilliant! It could make your old dusty blah stash into a new and exciting thing again! You can get foam core board at the dollar store. [via]

Linoleum Tile Mirror Frame by Mark Montano

Mark Montano says that the key to using linoleum in decor is to keep it off your kitchen floor! When used out of context, he says, it’s really not that bad. Pretty great, I’d say. Check out this tutorial for a mirror he made using linoleum tile as a frame.

Party Pom-Poms
at A Girl and a Glue Gun

A Girl and a Glue Gun made these party pom-poms using dollar store balls and party cups. You could also use styrofoam balls and those teeny shot glasses they have right now in the luau section at Dollar Tree. I think these would look awesome painted silver and glittery for the holidays.