Decor is one of our most popular topics here at Dollar Store Crafts. I love that topic because decor is one thing that can make a huge difference in the quality of our lives. Sure, making toilet paper crafts is fun and diverting, but after you’re done with them, they don’t become a major feature in your home! Something like a Starburst Mirror made for $9 can be integrated into your home, though! The dollar store makes a lot of things possible, but you can’t do ALL your decor shopping at the dollar store and expect to have a high-end look in your home.

There is a discount store that can help you fill the gaps in your decor, though, and although everything’s not a dollar, there are some great deals to be had. This store is best known for it’s great prices on clothing, but they also have a very nice home accessories section. What do you think it is? Ross Dress for Less!

Check the rectangular mirror in the photo at the top. Compare it to this Pottery Barn Solano mirror (Price: $299). The Ross mirror is only $44!

This week’s Dollar Scores video is all about the home accessory deals I saw when I went to Ross this week. If you skipped the video, here’s a brief tour:

Throw Pillows

Why are pillows always so spendy? These are a good solution. Ross has a solid aisle of decorator throw pillows in every color and tons of styles. The pillows I saw ranged from $7-10. Even if you buy pillow forms at the craft store, you aren’t gonna get them for this good a price. Other places I’ve found pillows/forms: Goodwill/thrift store (but selection is iffy, price is comparable, and they aren’t new) and IKEA (pretty good selection and price).


If I have to buy new sheets, I check Ross first. They generally have a mix of generic and designer/brand name sheets (Calvin Klein, etc.). This time around, they had a lot of microfiber sheets, which much be the new big thing. I didn’t like those, and had a hard time finding sheets that were NOT microfiber, so I ended up getting a set of grey pinstriped flannel sheets for my guest bedroom for $16.99. Whenever I make a quilt, I check Ross for sheets to use as the quilt backing. Flat sheets are hands down the least expensive way to get a huge piece of fabric, and sheets usually come in good colors and patterns for the patchworky quilts I make.


Ross has curtains from $3.99 and up, and most of the curtains I saw were blackout curtains. If you want to give them a more custom (read: expensive) look, sew a strip of fabric to the bottom of the curtain, or maybe even the top, like in these great gathered top-panel curtains at Make it and Love It. Really, though, $4 for a curtain? That’s a smokin’ deal.

Curtain Hardware

Ross has decorator curtain rods and other hardware for $9.99 and up. I didn’t look too closely at the styles available, but that’s a great price.

Assorted Decorator Accents

If you like trunks, suitcases, and the like, Ross has a decent selection of that type of thing. They also have small shelving, small ottomans, chairs, etc. Everything is more on the decorator side (as opposed to the long-lasting usable heirloom side), so this stuff is kind of like costume jewelry for your decor. It will last forever if you’re nice to it, but if you are hard on it (like if you have pre-schoolers who play with it, say), it won’t last forever. The good news is, the prices are low, so it’s okay if you have to replace something after a few years. I liked this metal and leather suitcase… kind of steampunky.

Ross usually has merchandise that  goes with current trends, like this apothecary. You can’t tell from the photo, but it is about 18-24″ tall, which is pretty large. And, it’s only $12.99. You would have a hard time creating something like this (at this size) for $13 or less. Hmm, now that I’m seeing this on my computer screen, I’m thinking I should have picked these two up for my craft space makeover.

You can also DIY this look: Here are instructions for making a dollar store apothecary. And another dollar store apothecary.

Here’s a metallic vase that is about 8-10″ tall, and is has a hammered metal look. The unique shape and the metal look make it a good trendy accessory right now. Cost: $9.99.

The stainless steel lantern was about 24″ tall (BIG), and is reminiscent of some of the PB lanterns (but a little more modern, I think). It was $19.99. (Oh, here’s a metal lantern at Restoration Hardware).

This large turquoise vase (about 10″ tall) looked really cool in person, but when I saw the photos, I didn’t love how it looked. But it was pretty cool in real life. Just another accessory accent. Jewelry for your room.

Ross has a lot of great options for your home (and we didn’t even touch upon what Ross is actually known for: acres of low-priced clothing.) What do you think? Would you buy any of these things? Have you found anything great at Ross?