Back in high school, I had a crafty friend who would tie together a few bandannas and make a cute halter top for sunbathing summer days. I have never been that brave, but I’ve always admired the ingenuity! …love Maegan has come up with a fashion-forward twist on the old bandanna top by creating a silk scarf and safety pin top that is inspired by a Vena Cava design, and is completely no sew! She has full instructions on her blog, so go find out [how to make a silk scarf and safety pin bandanna]

The dollar store doesn’t carry silk scarves, but you can find silk scarves at thrift stores or estate sales, or use a bandanna, piece of stash fabric, cut-up t-shirt, etc.

Project Estimate:

  • Silk scarf, on hand or thrifted
  • Large safety pins, $1

Total: $1 and up